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liquid horizontal form fill seal machine
liquid horizontal form fill seal machine

This horizontal form fill seal machine is equipped with paste dosage device, suitable for the dosage of vicious liquid or sticky paste kind of material such as honey, cream, tomato paste, syrup,bath lotion, shampoo, salad, etc.


--Horizontal type machine

--Integrated control system uses PLC for high control and reliable operation

--Servo pulling bag system uses PLC positioning for high accuracy and a large torque for pulling speed.

 Bag style:3 or 4 side seal

 Bag size: W:40-100mm, L:50-150mm

  Filling Capacity: 1-100ml

  Packaging Capacity(Max.):70ppm

  Electrical Consumption: 3.5kw


  Air Consumption100NL/min

  Machine Dimensions:2900x950x1750mm

  Weight: 780kg


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